Welcome to Edmonton’s city-wide cowork community.

If you are a local operator looking for flexible space to plug into Edmonton’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, we've got your back. Sparrow Spaces members can plug in at any of our locations across the city, whether you need a desk, an office, a kitchen, a workshop, or an art studio. Quality commercial space and a collaborative community of entrepreneurial peers is within your reach.

  • Featured: Birks Building

    The Birks Building is an iconic heritage located in the heart of the city and the corner of Jasper and 104th St. It is conveniently located next to some of the city’s best cafes and restaurants and there is an LRT station just outside our front door.

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  • Featured: Brighton Block

    The Brighton Block is a magnificent Edwardian-era building located on Jasper avenue and poised above the banks of North Saskatchewan River with a sweeping view of the river valley and the most spectacular rooftop patio in the city.

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  • Featured: Gibbard Block

    The Gibbard Block is an iconic historical landmark in the Highlands. The building is situated in the heart of a small walkable retail strip – one of the few ‘main streets’ that has stood the test of time in Edmonton’s mature neighbourhoods.

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  • Featured: Weaver Building

    The Weaver Building offers a mix of retail, office, and light industrial space conveniently located in Queen Mary Park next to major arterial roads and within walking distance of the downtown core. The neighbourhood is beautifully eclectic and hosts some wonderful local eateries like our neighbour, Salz.

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  • Featured: Westmount 107

    The Westmount Building is located in Westmount just off 124 St. It hosts a cohort of local entrepreneurs and designers, as well as Rge Rd. Restaurant, one of Edmonton’s best loved culinary treasures. The building is a distinctive landmark in Westmount with it’s stainless steel water-cut wall panels and LED backlighting.

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Fun, Flexible Spaces Without Risk

Taking on a commercial lease can be daunting for freelancers and new ventures. A 5-year lease in a rapidly evolving market is a big commitment. The cost to build out your office or studio space can be prohibitive. What if you need to expand in year three? Or what if you need to downsize?

Sparrow Spaces offers short-term or month-to-month leases, little or no capital requirement since the build-outs are already paid for, and innovative solutions to allow you to grow or shrink your footprint in the building to serve your needs precisely as your venture unfolds.


Great locations in buildings with modern amenities and old charm.

Beautiful professional locations in strategic neighbourhoods. From the Downtown core to Westmount, to Highlands, from office space, to kitchen and light industrial space, we’ve got you covered. And if you don't see exactly what you're looking for, let us know. We may just build it for you.

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Weaving Edmonton’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We are not just developers. We build companies too. From technology and educational companies, to retail businesses and social enterprises, we’ve been there and back again and deeply understand all the risks and rewards of venture. It’s hard work but worthwhile and is made easier through connecting with allies who share our values and ambition. Our platform is designed to strengthen the fabric of Edmonton’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. And we're just getting started.

The Sparrow Community


Flexible space for new & established companies/

Sometimes connecting with opportunity is a matter of being at the right place at the right time. In addition to providing cowork space for small businesses and new ventures, Sparrow Spaces offers a broad range of options for established companies looking for satellite offices, flexible workspace, and meeting rooms in strategic locations.

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